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Preparation, production, booking and distribution of meals: E.Meal Hospital by NOVA is governed by an integrated system of tools able to manage the whole supply chain of modern hospital cooking.

E.meal Hospital is an integrated system able to efficiently and accurately guarantee the IT management of the complex set of individual processes that form the collective catering service in the healthcare sector, by managing shared archives, simplifying training processes and exercising control over each stage of the system.

RepartoWeb management model

A highly customisable module whose parameters can be set according to the effective needs of the client, it allows for the monitoring of patient management operations (admissions/discharges/diet changes/bed changes) when linked up with the patient management software used by the hospital. RepartoWeb has been studied to operate in connection with the external records used by the hospital.
The module also makes it possible to enter bookings manually (for individual patients and/or for multiple meal orders), require the intervention of the dieticians and order comfort items.

Taking bookings

The system can be used to take meal bookings in a number of ways: with hand-held devices supplied to ward staff (with the possibility to book out data from the ward) and/or the manager’s staff, individual paper slips compatible with an optical pen/scanner and collective ward paper slips/scanner.
Data from slips that can be read using a scanner can also be sent by fax.

E.Diet module

A module conceived and developed to draw up personalised diets (prescription diets).
This module can be used to verify requests for intervention received from the wards, to monitor and modify the bookings made both by the wards and by the individual patients, and to cross-reference bookings with nutritional analyses.

Other advantages and functions

  • Management of the staff canteen
  • Booking of staff meals via Web and App
  • Reports on meals requested by type, courses and cost centres
  • Reports on orders of comfort items
  • Allergen management
  • Customer satisfaction management
  • Production forecasting
  • Printing of labels in compliance with European standards
  • Product traceability and trackability management
  • Production forecasting

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    Knowledge of all the aspects peculiar to the sector, a highly specialised product and the high added value of the related services have allowed Nova S.r.l., in just a few years, to become the benchmark software house for the most important companies in the collective, school and hospital catering sector, as well as for large cooking centres.

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    Thanks to the complete range of functional software and the wide variety of services offered, NOVA Srl has gained a significant slice of the reference market.
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    Nova S.r.l. offers after-sales assistance 7 days a week, 365 days a year, for all the software and hardware installed, configured and customised by the company.
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    We pay particular attention to the quality of the products developed and the services offered, in order to safeguard our partners and the work they do.
    This is why NOVA Srl has developed an Integrated Quality Management System, thanks to the certifications it has obtained, the most important of those requested in the sector.