By your side, always operative, 24 hours a day

Remote assistance and remote maintenance

NOVA guarantees clients outstandingly professional, timely, comprehensive after-sales services, which include software assistance and telephone operator assistance 365 days a year.
The response to requests for support is guaranteed according to the Service Level Agreement, and assistance is provided for all the software and hardware installed, configured and, where pertinent, customised by NOVA.
Remote assistance and remote maintenance services are carried out through a network connection between the client’s premises and our centre, in order to guarantee the possibility to quickly identify and fix any errors or anomalies in the applications and to take the necessary corrective action.
NOVA’s technical assistance structure is organised in such a way as to analyse the situation extremely rapidly, in the event of problems that interfere with the normal functioning of the client company, and to immediately offer the most effective solution for each individual case.

Consulting services

For NOVA, assistance and customer care start immediately and never fail: NOVA consultants assist clients right from the tender stage, helping them with the analysis of the specifications and the other documents.
We therefore work with IT experts to study, on a case-by-case basis, the IT system best suited for managing the client’s systems, often adapting NOVA software to existing systems. In addition, NOVA closely assists the customer with entering archive data, and provides staff with adequate training.
NOVA also organises – or in any case guarantees – complete, ongoing training to teach the client’s workers how to use the systems installed. The initial training and updates, both theoretical and practical, is provided on the client’s premises by the NOVA team, and ranges from basic IT training to detailed instructions on how to use the solutions provided.