Just one objective: to simplify the meal booking process

Management systems for hospital, school and corporate canteens and cooking centres.

Nova S.r.l.’s aim has always been to satisfy each specific request regarding the choice of the most suitable software, tested from among the latest technologies, built to meet the user’s needs, studied and created in collaboration with the client.
High-tech integrated IT management systems, constantly updated in real time, allowing for complete control over every stage of the meal booking and supply process: easy to use, secure and reliable.

Catering Companies

The range of integrated systems developed by NOVA also includes E.trace, a solution that guarantees effective management of modern cooking centres in all their complexity.
As well as identifying the supply chain of each product, E.trace allows for the perfect organisation of operations, by forecasting consumption and managing the warehouse and the individual suppliers, using a flow chart that documents each process.

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School Canteens

NOVA’s automated school catering management system, E.meal School, facilitates and simplifies the organisation, carrying out and coordination of all stages of the work process, from booking meals and managing diets to calculating and managing payments, as well as recording the meals provided in the accounts, dealing with any credit recovery operations, invoicing and communicating with users.

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Hospitals and Clinics

Preparation, production, booking and distribution of meals: E.meal Hospital by NOVA is governed by an integrated system of tools that efficiently and accurately handle the complex set of individual processes in a systematic manner.
Shared archives, simplification of training process, exchange of information and more besides: among the main advantages of E.meal Hospital is the possibility to finally have access to a formidable amount of data.

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